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7561 W. Sunset Blvd #103
Los Angeles, CA 90046

Shirley Morales

Andrew Emard
Associate Director

Tuesday - Saturday
11a - 5p

Additional parking in the back (entrance on Sierra Bonita)

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The focus at ltd los angeles is on lateral practices, on a horizontality where embracing multifarious mediums expands conceptual boundaries. Dialogue is a key critical component of the programming with exhibit-specific texts expanding the realm of discourse beyond the white walls of the gallery. Andrew Berardini, Julien Bismuth, Ben Carlson, Lee Weng Choy, David C. Hunt, Michael Ned Holte, Ruba Katrib, Sam Korman, Thomas Lawson, Sarah Lehrer-Graiwer, Leigh Markopoulos, Karthik Pandian, Robin Peckham, Bartholomew Ryan, Catherine Taft and Jan Tumlir are among those who have contributed text.

In 2011, ltd los angeles inaugurated ltd presents..., a dedicated space within the gallery to realize practice-based projects independent of the commercial gallery schedule and context. Launching this program, 2nd Cannons Publications presented a bookshop for a year. Since then, ltd has presented Korakrit Arunanondchai, Katy Cowan, Alex Mackin Dolan, Becket Flannery, Matthew Grover, Margaret Haines, Benny Merris and Barak Zemmer. Meghan Gordon's some times in the office of ltd los angeles presented projects by Dike Blair, Chris Dyson, Chelsea Knight and Katja Mater. From July 2015 through July 2016, ltd presents…Dennis Hoekstra's homage to Rodney Bingenheimer's English Disco. ltd los angeles, housed in the space of the famed 1970s English Disco, is grateful for Rodney Bingenheimer's contribution.

Shirley Morales is the founder of ltd los angeles and the Hollywood Hills House, comprised of an International Artists Residency (2001-2009) and the on going Under the Sign Flag Project. Christoph Büchel, Geoffrey Farmer, Mario Garcia Torres, Henrik Håkansson, Sharon Lockhart, Nick Lowe, Paulina Olowska,Tracey Rose, Ned Vena and Luca Vitone, are among the artists who have created and flown flags. Building on the Hollywood Hills House history as the first private Los Angeles residency program, ltd los angeles continues to foster the opportunity for artists, writers and curators to interface with Los Angeles' diverse cultural landscape through the contemporary gallery system by collapsing the boundaries between local and global arts practices.

ltd los angeles does not accept unsolicited artist submissions.

Photography by Anna Cangellaris, Andrew Emard, Jeff McLane, Lee Thompson or Robert Wedemeyer